About Me

“Design is thinking made visual.”

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer / Printer based in Perth, Australia.

I focus on quality, affordability and pixel perfect precision; my services cover almost all corners of the design industry including branding, web design, 3D design, illustration and a conclusive range of printed products from short runs to large scale print jobs.

I have over 10 years of extensive experience in the field of design, print, and illustration!

Hiring a Free-Lancer gives you a great advantage if you’re looking for that one on one personal touch. I am able to be with you all the way through a project and can handle both large and small businesses. I am always happy to meet with new clients, so contact me if you want a professional job done well.

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– Short Runs | Commercial Runs | Flyers | Business Cards | Much More! –

White Falcon Design is based in Perth and I can ship printed products Australia wide.
It caters for medium and large commercial print runs using both offset and digital printers.
If you would like a full list of my print services please get in contact.


– Landing Pages | Small to Medium Business | E-Commerce –

Websites are a key tool for a business to take advantage of. They can draw new clients to your business through internet searches and links from social media sites. They are a great place to give an effective first impression and inform people about what your business can do for them. It is important that your website be functional, professional and modern.


– Branding | Car Wraps | Signage | Package Design | Page Layouts | Much More! –

Working with images, text, and vector art I am able to create a broad range of products to promote your business. I can create these products to be eye catching, functional, informative or whatever suits your needs. When creating graphics for businesses, having extensive knowledge of how products are printed, manufactured, and developed is essential. This comes with extensive experience in the design industry and up to date training in the fundamentals of modern art and design.

Graphic Design Logo Creation

– Professional looking logo that represents your business –

When it comes to creating or re-designing a logo for a company it is important to look at what your business does and what it wants to portray to its clients. The way a logo looks and what colours it uses has a big impact on the initial view a client has.

As a company logo is often the first thing seen by clients, it is important to have a professional looking logo that represents your business. This can make the difference between losing or gaining the interest of a new client!


3D Design and Print

3D Design is a great way to visualise a product or concept. You can test out dimensions, viability and its visual look and feel, changing them on the fly as you refine the design. You can render the design as part of a video or use it as a visual aid in documentation.

Once you have the 3D model created you can create an interactive 3D (360 degree video) of the product or even have it physically manufactured.

3D printing has gained significant traction in the last few years with the technology behind the manufacturing process improving and becoming more readily available, flexible and cost effective for the user.

There are many different applications where it is leading the way including pre-production prototypes, visual aids, models, mold manufacturing and it is especially cost effective for low quantity or one-off designs.

If you have any queries regarding possible 3D printing jobs, just contact me and I am happy to discuss it with you.

Video Presentation

Video is a great medium to catch an audience’s attention. Do you have a new product? Want a fun logo reveal? Or maybe you are after a short instructional video?

However you want to use them, videos and are an excellent way to engage your viewers whether they are clients or employees.

Send me through your idea and we can create a masterpiece together.

Design Process


  • Stage 1 – The Design Brief

The first step in my design process is to create a project brief. Creating a project brief makes sure we both understand what the project will involve and what outcomes are expected.

Briefs can vary in complexity depending on the scope of the project, below are some points that may need to be incorporated into the brief.

  • Schedule / Deadlines
  • Target Market
  • Objectives
  • Corporate Overview
  • What will the design end up on? (type of media and sizing)
  • Budget and Costings
  • Stage 2 – Idea Creating and Mock-ups

Using what we have discussed in the design brief I will then create a selection of different ideas or mock-ups that are then sent to you to evaluate and decide upon a design direction or idea that works.
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
  • Stage 3 – Full Render

The mock-up and design direction that we developed in stage 2 is then fully rendered using the design suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver).
Colour options and variations on this design are then created and sent through to you for your evaluation.
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
  • Stage 4 – Final Details and Approval

In stage four we look at finalizing the design so it is ready for use. This can involve making any final changes to the design and then getting the approval signed off.
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
  • Stage 5 – Delivery

With the design all complete, it’s now time to put it to use!

I can now make the finished design available for download, have it printed and delivered or in the case of a website make it go live.

If you have any questions about the design process or would like to get started now, get in touch with me via my Contact Page.

Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage
Fable Design Stage



What clients are saying.

Tanks Plumbing Services

“We have used White falcon for about 7 years now and find the service great to be a return client. Quality Is great and communication is great also, always a pleasure”


Nielsen Architects

“Adam’s work was instrumental in securing development approval for a sensitive site in the Adelaide Hills. He carefully 3D modeled and printed topography and built form which we were then able to present to authorities and the public, providing a much better understanding of the proposal than possible through just imagery and plans alone.”


Quilters Guild SA

Quilters’ Guild of South Australia Inc. has worked with Adam from White Falcon Productions for almost five years. During that time he created, maintained and updated the online entry systems for our Festival of Quilts Exhibitions and Dare To Differ Exhibitions. His understanding of the inherent complexities of our requirements and innovative approaches to problem resolution have been invaluable.